Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Jamaa Journal and More!

Hey guys! So the Jamaa Journal came out today! Let's take a look!
We have the front page! And the Mushroom Hut is now a den! Cool Right?
And you can still enter the code 'birthdaybash' to get a free cake!
And another contest! This time it's to design a Jam-A-Gram for Night of the Phantoms! I might enter...
You can still print cool activities and buy the Animal Jam shirts!
Last is this! Looks like AJHQ wants every Jammer to know about the News Crew!
Last is the Pencil Table! I'm guessing AJHQ sent this out cause school is starting a stuff (In my school we only have 2 weeks till the second semester) but it comes in many different colors! Bye guys! Hope y'all enjoyed!

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