Monday, December 31, 2012

Friends gone :(

Hey guys! I was just on Animal Jam to send a letter to one of my best friends to ask them if I could interview them for this blog when I saw this...
I think she had left AJ or something but I can't even send a letter to her, look at her trade list, or go to her den! It really makes me sad, because we had so much fun together! I'm going to miss her a lot. I was going to make an Interview page to interview my friends on Animal Jam (Idea from Jammie263) and then I realized I only have around four good friends on Animal Jam! And one of them is gone, two I rarely see, and one I see a lot. So I decided if you want me to Interview you on Animal Jam for this blog then leave your user below and I'll figure out a time to do the interview!

Rare Item Monday- Rare Snow Shoes!

Hi guys! The rare item for Monday is...
Rare Snow Shoes! They are sold in Mt. Shiver in the Cocoa Hut. They are members only and 750 gems! 
   That's it for this post, bye!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New- Pile of Snowballs!

Hey guys the daily item for today is...
Pile of Snowballs! Looks like winter is taking over, bye Christmas! Anyways this item is 350 gems and members only. AJHQ hasn't been releasing many nonmember items :( , sorry nonmembers! 

 That's it for this post, bye!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New- Ice Prison!

Hey guys the daily item for today is...
The Ice Prison! This item goes along with all the other ice items now coming out. It is 400 gems and members only, sorry nonmembers :( ! Christmas may be over but Winter is not leaving!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Party 2013!

Hey guys, so I just went to the New Year's Party 2013!
These are all the items sold at one stand in the party. It is the Phantom Balloon, Phantom Necklace, and Freedom Cat Hat!

These are the other items sold at the other New Years Shop.
The items above are sold here, as you can see the Heart Couch there so maybe that will be sold there later on...
These are all the music sold at the party! It's the music from Leap Year, Christmas, Halloween, and just the normal music! That's it for this post!

New Year's Party 2013, Already?

Hey guys, I was just on Animal Jam when I saw this...
New Year's Party 2013! I mean it's not even New Year's yet... I don't know I'm going to try and go to it then report back to y'all!

New- Frozen Torch

Hey guys, So the new item today is...

The Frozen Torch!! It goes along with the Ice Table & Chair. It is members only and 250 gems, and it's sad cause I can't afford it.... but that's it for today!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Item- Ice Cube Chair!

Hey guys the daily item of the day is...
The Ice Cube Chair! This item is members only and goes with the Ice Table!

 Also I was just on Animal Jam to get the new item and I saw a Jammer saying this...

"trade me get me to accept to earn a shout out".... Okay what? This is obviously a scam to trade really good stuff for okay items to get a shout out. I asked the person "what does a shout out do?" and they replied "it tells everyone how cool or epic you r" first in correct grammar! I wanted to slap them with a dictionary (lol not really) but 'are' is obviously spelled 'are' not 'r'! But anyways who cares how epic or cool you are? I mean I then asked them "who cares?" and they replied "a lot of people", which I doubt do. No Jammer should judge other Jammers by how cool or epic they are! All Jammers should be treated fairly!

   Dash on Jammers!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Animal Jam Glitch!

Hey guys so this post is pretty late but so what! Anyways I was just on Animal Jam and I logged out after it was just messing up a bit. And when I logged off I saw this...
look! The Alphas are below the background! It was probably just a one and a time loading glitch, but thought I might share it with you.


Hey guys as I thought the daily jamaaliday gift is no more. Back to the regular old daily gem bonus!
Now the daily item of the day is...
The Snowflake Table! It is a returning item from last year, or some time around that. But it is members only and 400 gems.

   That's it for today! Dash on Jammers! (Just made that up cause since Dash is in the blog title, I think I'm going to use that for now on!"

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New, and Christmas!

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! I hope you all got what you wanted from Santa! Wanna see what I got? Well you can after I talk about the daily gift and item!

  The daily gift is probably the last and a quiet generous gift from AJ HQ...
A 1,000 Gems! Well Thank You Animal Jam Headquarters!

  The daily item of the day is...
Jamaaliday Necklace! It is members only and an underwater item! 
  Now what did I get for Christmas? This year I didn't get anything from Santa but something I have had from my parents! A bow and arrow! I have been out shooting with it a couple of times. But my Grandma got me a gift I really wanted!...
 The Mlp Fim Nightmare Moon Pack!! It contains- Nightmare Moon, Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch), Pinkie Pie, The Great and Powerful Trixie (Trixie Lulamoon), Lemony Gem, and Flower Wishes! The were really hard to get them all out but I did!
So here they are out of the box! Pretty Awesome right? I love it so much!
                      Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Items!

Hey guys! The gift for today is a bit surprising, I was not expecting it!
Bow and arrows! I already have one and I don't really care for a new one, but a lot of Jammers wanted one so here they got one!

 The rare item Monday item is...
The Winter Jacket! It matches the hood we had last Monday! Happy Christmas Eve by the way!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Items!

Hey guys! The present today is....
The Snowman Family! (sorry for the bad picture I got it after I received the present) They are a returning item from last year!

 The daily item of the day is actually really cool!... but expensive!
It's a Gingerbread Garden! As you can see poor Eightberry2 here can't buy it XD, but I'm going to after I play games! This item is much like the Shadow Garden and the Ice Garden!

Hey guys...

Hey guys so I know I haven't been posting for a long time and I'm sorry. I have two blogs to keep up with, with daily posts so it's sorta hard. Sorry and I'll try to have post more!