Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New- Diamond on Display & Monthly Gift!

Hey guys! So, I know I'm putting the monthly gift in this post just because. But anyways the item for today is...
A Diamond on Display! It is rather pretty and after this post I'm going to log back on to Animal Jam and get enough gems to buy it! Anyways, it's members only and it's in Epic Wonders and 4,500 gems. Typical price for Epic Wonders. Now onto the Monthly Gift!
   Well the Monthly Gift is... A PET OWL! I don't have very many pictures but here's one of my two owls!
When you click on them, they fly into the air and a mouse appears where they were. Then they zoom towards you and grabs the mouse and well, eats it! When above water, they just fly next to you!

  That's all for this post! Oh and remember to check out my new story I'm writing! Bye!

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