Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jamaaliday 13!

Hey Jammers!
So today is the 13th day of Jamaaliday and today's gift is..
A radical Candy Cane Tie!
I'm sure I'll be wearing this a lot.
Also members will get 1 Diamond.
But not so fast!
We have some new items too..
For clothing we have a decorative Pinecone Necklace!
It's even available for non members so yay!
There is also some...
Smelly Reindeer Poop now available.
Though I don't know who would want that in their den...
But that's none of my business.
We have a new adventure!
It's called Jamaaliday Rescue!
A game where you help the Reindeers find and collect stolen presents!
And lastly, we have some website changes..
The new log-in page!
Which I absolutely love!
That's it for now
Keep Rockin Jammers!

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