Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jamaaliday Day 4

Hello everyone! Today we have a lot of news so lets start with the paper!
So it's officially Jamaaliday! Which means a lot of new items!
And the Gingerbread Houses are back! I always loved these dens, they were so fun!
There's a new thing called The Jamaaliday Gift Bag! A place where you can get all past Jamaaliday gifts, how cool! And a new game is out called Pairs, which is probably very similar to Memory.
Also the Jammaliday Jam party is out again, with new items to pick up! And the adorable reindeer pets are back, pick yours up at the Jamaaliday Jam!
Lastly a little reminder for the Jamaaliday gifts everyday, which brings me to today Jamaaliday Gift which is...
1 Diamond and Candy Cane Light! I always loved the Candy Cane Lights, I still have a few from previous years. Now I think the diamond only goes out to members so sorry non members. :(
But that's not all!
The Epic Jamaaliday Tree is back in stores! Now we just got to wait for the ornaments and then we can get decorating!
Now lastly there is some new music available in the Diamond Store, The Jamaaliday Jingle which is only 1 Diamond. 

That's all for today!
Keep Rockin' Jammers!

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