Monday, December 31, 2012

Friends gone :(

Hey guys! I was just on Animal Jam to send a letter to one of my best friends to ask them if I could interview them for this blog when I saw this...
I think she had left AJ or something but I can't even send a letter to her, look at her trade list, or go to her den! It really makes me sad, because we had so much fun together! I'm going to miss her a lot. I was going to make an Interview page to interview my friends on Animal Jam (Idea from Jammie263) and then I realized I only have around four good friends on Animal Jam! And one of them is gone, two I rarely see, and one I see a lot. So I decided if you want me to Interview you on Animal Jam for this blog then leave your user below and I'll figure out a time to do the interview!


  1. Aw... yeah a lot of my storage accounts have buddies that have been un active for a while. If they log back in they automatically are back I think, but I find it cool that one of my old storage accounts is a grey tiger. >.<

    1. Yea the same thing happened to one of my storage accounts, but I haven't been on it for like three months so yea XD