Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Item- Ice Cube Chair!

Hey guys the daily item of the day is...
The Ice Cube Chair! This item is members only and goes with the Ice Table!

 Also I was just on Animal Jam to get the new item and I saw a Jammer saying this...

"trade me get me to accept to earn a shout out".... Okay what? This is obviously a scam to trade really good stuff for okay items to get a shout out. I asked the person "what does a shout out do?" and they replied "it tells everyone how cool or epic you r" first in correct grammar! I wanted to slap them with a dictionary (lol not really) but 'are' is obviously spelled 'are' not 'r'! But anyways who cares how epic or cool you are? I mean I then asked them "who cares?" and they replied "a lot of people", which I doubt do. No Jammer should judge other Jammers by how cool or epic they are! All Jammers should be treated fairly!

   Dash on Jammers!

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