Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hi! Eightberry2 here!

Hi, everyone! I am Eightberry2 from Animal Jam! And I created this blog to talk about Animal Jam and give y'all updates for new items on Animal Jam and more! I am indeed new to blogging and hope for my blog to get kinda far. So hope you like it! (Even though I only have one thing up, which is this)
                                         KEEP ROCKING JAMMERS!!! (That is my phrase sort of)

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  1. Hi Eightberry2! :) It took me a while to find this blog.. I recommend doing some things to this. Go to "Layout", and click "Add a Gadget". Then add "Followers" and it will show the followers! Also, add a gadget called "Pageviews"! It will make it looks good! Also, if you don't add "Followers", I won't be able to see your updates if I follow it from blogger home!

    P.S. Congrats on making a new blog! :)