Thursday, August 16, 2012

New- Jamaa Journal!

 Ok so the winner of the den contest was.... AN UNDERGROUND DEN!!!!! Here is what it looks like in the icon, and above is it in the Jamaa Journal!
 Next... WOW!!!!!!! 90 MILLION GEMS!!!!!!! We are getting really close to bringing monkeys back! :D

 And about this topic I had always wonder- Why can't you take your underwater pets to the Pet Party? Maybe AJHQ  will make it so they can or something. (OR you can but I just don't know how too)
 Next we have a New Game in the Carnival!!! Looks pretty cool but I haven't tried it yet....
And this one I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT... SHAMANS WILL COME TO JAMAA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to meet the Shamans sooooo bad and now I can't wait till they return!!!!!!!! :D
                                                 KEEP ROCKING JAMMERS!

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