Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New- Crystal Couch

There is a new Crystal Couch in Epic Wonders! It is 1,500 gems. Actually kinda cheap for Epic Wonders... and I won't be posting anymore for today till around lunch time, cause I will be at soccer camp for three hours a day. (Only three days left) So, also I got the first chapter up of The Mystery of the Lost Statue up! And I will get chapter two up soon. (Probably after my soccer camp) And Keep Rocking Jammers!


  1. Do you use an actual camera to get the pictures? I'm guessing because you can see shadows and its not to clear. You can tell it wasn't taken from the computer. I use Grab, you could use Snipping Tools, and .png but I don't know about other ones. Some computers don't have any though... :( And thanks for following my new blog! :)


  2. Yea Jammie263, I did use a camera to take it... cause I have a Toshiba Laptop and I don't really know how to take picture of the screen with it yet...

    1. Oh. :( I haven't even heard of that Laptop! XD I have mac.

  3. Can you go to animal jam friendship, i have a comment telling you how to change the comments so that when you are trying to publish, you don't have to do the "Are you a robot" thing, just in case you want to. 'Cause I really don't like those, they make me annoyed. XP