Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Poem- Trouble Maker

Hi guys! So I was bored so I decided to right poem! Really just rewrite it cause I wrote this like last year... well here it is!

                                      TROUBLE MAKER
                                                        By- Eightberry2

                             I'm a trouble maker, you could say. I talk in class, gossip all day, and can pull some very funny pranks. My teachers always ask me to be quiet, but I never listen. I add funny remarks to basically the whole school. I'm the funniest most bad person in the grade they say. I get demerits almost everyday. So you better watch out, cause I'm the trouble maker they say.
                                                             THE END!

                                So that's it! And hope y'all like it! And this isn't how I really am in real life.

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